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Kayaks are a joy - for all ages from kids to seniors - for a myriad of activity on most all types of water.  Recreation and tour kayaks are stable, as you sit in a seat on the floor of the kayak, lowering your center of gravity.  Learning to paddle a recreation or tour kayak is easy.

The Kansas City Paddler classification of kayaks is designed to emphasize the optimal use of a class of kayaks.  Keep in mind that recreation and tour kayaks are versatile and can be enjoyed for many overlapping activities on many types of water.

Recreation Kayaks
Recreation kayaks are characterized by short length and wide beams producing maximal primary stability.  Cockpits are large and open allowing for easy entry and exit and typically outfitted with extremely comfortable seats.

Tour Kayaks
Tour kayaks are characterized by longer lengths and more narrow beams producing increased hull speeds.  Stability is an exhilarating blend of primary and secondary stability.  Cockpits include thigh braces allowing the paddler to have thigh and hip contact with the kayak hull resulting in enhanced boat control.

Tour kayaks provide storage capacity for camping gear.  'Midsize' kayaks are generally 14 ft. to 16 ft. in length while 'full size' kayaks are 16' or longer.

We further classify Tour kayaks according to usage:

  • Solo Rec-Tour Kayaks have 'midsize' length, beam and hull speed characteristics while retaining large and open recreation style cockpits.
  • Solo Down River Kayaks feature expanded white water designs providing a whitewater experience on Class I - III plus moving water with increased gear capacity for down river touring.
  • Solo Short Range Tour Kayaks are wonderfully versatile 'midsize' kayaks equally at home on flat water and Class 1 moving water with gear storage capacity adequate for multiple day trips.
  • Solo Long Range Tour Kayaks are "full size' kayaks with the fastest hull speeds and increased gear storage capacity ideal for extended trips.
  • Tandem Tour Kayaks are 'full sized' tandem kayaks with adequate gear storage capacity for trips.

Specialty Kayaks
Specialty kayaks are kayaks designed to meet the specific needs of a select group of kayak paddlers.  Categories include:

  • Kids Kayaks are designed to be size appropriate kayaks for children of varying age and size allowing for an exciting and confidence building experience for kids as they discover the joy of kayaking.
  • Fishing Kayaks are recreation kayaks outfitted for fishing with paddle holders, rod holders and anchors.  Kansas City Paddler can custom install fishing outfitting on recreation kayaks thus converting a recreation kayak to a fishing kayak.
  • Propel Kayaks  feature a pedal driven propeller propulsion system that provides 'paddle or pedal' options for recreational fun or 'hands free' fishing.  Electric Volt propeller propulsion system is also available. 
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