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Canoes are a North American tradition - for all ages from kids to seniors - for a myriad of activity - on most all types of water.

The Kansas City Paddler classification of canoes is designed to emphasize the optimal use of a class of canoes - keep in mind that recreation and tour canoes are versatile and can be enjoyed for many overlapping activities on many types of water.

Recreation Canoes
Recreation Canoes are characterized by wide beams producing maximal primary stability for sport and recreational activity.

Day Trip
Day Trip Canoes feature hull designs that emphasize a blend of primary and secondary stability typical of tour canoes, but are shorter in length than full size tour canoes, with more limited gear storage capacity - these canoes are ideal for day paddling and weekend trips.

Tour Canoes are full size canoes with hull designs that emphasize hull speed as well as a blend of primary and secondary stability and possess greater gear storage capacity making them ideal for multiple day and extended trips.

Specialty Canoes are canoes designed to meet the specific needs of a select group of paddlers.

Canoe Materials/Construction

RM - Rotomold Plastic:  Rotomolded Linear Polyethylene Material

RX - Royalex:  Vacuum Formed Multi-Laminate ABS Plastic/Foam Material

Composite:  Vacuum Formed Fabric/Resin Material

Wenonah, Tufweave Flexcore:  Fiberglass/Poly Fabric/Resin with Foam Core - Pigment Gel Coat

Wenonah, Kevlar Flexcore:  Kevlar Fabric/Resin with Foam Core - Pigment Gel Coat

Wenonah, Kevlar Ultralight:  Ultralight Kevlar Fabric/Resin with Foam Core

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