Why Do Boats Need Surface Preparation

Fixing up your boat requires surface preparation tools to do the job right. Sanding, stripping and finishing the task for a professional, shiny and waterproof result require that you do the job right. Who wants to do all that work, it may be easier to just do a cover up finish job. But in the long run, the finish you put over a surface that was not properly prepped will crack or leak in a short amount of time. Get the tools needed and keep them in your tool kit for any repairs so you can be ready when the situation arises you are ready to do it right!

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Corrosion and water damage

If your boat is in the water you surely will experience corrosion and water scaling damage. Tools especially needed for this problem are pneumatic needle scalers, hand held scalers and chemicals to assist in descaling your deck and boat from the weather. Cleaning guns can help to remove topical damage from the film and buildup of marine life. Pneumatic tools are great because they have a reduced level of vibration. That is important because you do not want to hit the deck with jolting and shaking this can cause additional damage. After removing surface corrosion, water scale, and old faded paint the next step is to prime the surface.

Hand held sander/grinder

You will find that a hand held sander/grinder will become your best friend as a boat owner. Small and large jobs will be no match for this tool. The grinder can smooth out old wood or remove old paint in areas as well as polish up a high gloss finish to the job. On the deck, in the cabin or kitchen areas refinishing is necessary especially if you are in saltwater.

Compressor and paint sprayer

If you are pulling your boat out of the water and doing a full hull rehab a compressor and hand held paint and sealer sprayer is necessary. The paint sprayer can give your boat complete and thorough coverage filling in the cracks you may have missed. After a couple of coats you can hand paint any detail work you want on the boat. Completing the job with a high gloss marine finish will surely waterproof and have you ready for the water in no time.

Let the professionals handle it

Professional marine rehab companies can probably do the job of overhauling your boat in less time, but only you can decide if you are up for the labour of love rehab, or just want to get back on the water quick.